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2011-1-ES1-ERA10-37081 - Global Heritage and Sustainability: Geological, Cultural and Historical: GLOGE, 2011-2012

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María Dolores Pereira Gómez (

Departamento de Geología

Facultad de Ciencias

ERASMUS Intensive Programme. University of Salamanca

Course Description

Our project offers an attractive proposal to study the built heritage and its preservation from different perspectives: Geological, Historical and Cultural points of view. Scientific specific tools give us a multidisciplinary background to transmit to our students the necessity to preserve our heritage within a sustainable perspective. If we know what we have and what it was, we will know how to work in its preservation.

Academic staff from areas such as Geology, Engineering Geology, Informatics and History lead our program. The IP includes lectures, fieldwork and e-learning methodologies. The latter uses several forms of technology sustaining information yielding media, from virtual platforms to interactive technologies. The staff/student ratio is around 1/3.

Several members of the teaching staff are involved into ERASMUS coordination programs, which facilitates the multilingual and multicultural experience. The ERASMUS IP programme intends to facilitate quantitatively and qualitatively the European mobility system. During these two weeks of IP we will aim to gain a major objective: to learn how to work as a group. Student teamwork is enhanced, both on-site and in a virtual base, once the course is finished and everybody is back at home. A memory of the course will be presented and several activities will be evaluated, individually and by groups, to get the course certificate.

Another important objective of our IP is to make a reality out of the Lifelong Learning. We hope to get a link among students and professors during and after the course.

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