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Class resources

1. Introduction to GLOGE

2. GLOGE and the stones

3. From the quarry to the building
  • a. Methodologies for the identification of the rock materials
  • c. Classification and types of rocks. Techniques for the study of stone materials:
    • c.i.Visual recognition
    • c.ii.Petrographical study
  • d. Techniques of historical research in the service of identification of architectural materials.
  • e. Sustainability of building materials.

4. 3D Heritage Modelling
  • a. 3D Modelling

5. Architectonic heritage: weathering, conservation and restoration
  • a. Weathering agents and processes: rock pathologies and conservation treatments.
  • b. Decay of building materials: intrinsic properties and effects of decay (pathologies) Impact of environmental and microenvironmental conditions to produce the stone damage of the monuments
  • c. Analytical techniques to diagnose the damage of the building stone “in situ”
  • d. Laboratory testing of stone samples of monuments Durability of building stones: Accelerated ageing. Conservation and restoration techniques and methods
  • Impact of environment.
  • In situ diagnosis.
  • Stone deterioration.
  • Laboratory testing.

6. Geological risk assessment in urban areas

7. Geodiversity and the environment

8. Our cultural heritage
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