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Class Attendance and Participation in group discussions: Students will have many opportunities in class to show their interest and progress in the subject. Do not forget that up to a 30% of your final grade can depend on your participation in class.

Compulsory Readings: Texts and documents: The selection of short texts must read before we deal with them in the classroom.

Compulsory Video Documentaries: There is also a series of documentary films dealing with key aspects of American history and culture that you are required to watch. Screenings will take place during class time, and they will be announced in advance. The documentaries (mostly award-winning films offering an academic approach to American history and culture) will be viewed in the original English version, and are designed to complement the class discussions and presentations. They will frequently be accompanied by a sheet of questions, comments, aspects to take into account, etc.. Needless to say, you can expect to be tested on these documentaries in the final exam.

Optional Paper: Students can turn in an essay (approx. 8-10) by the third week of May. The essay must be concrete and to the point: no general overviews, please! Just try to give your informed perspective on a topic. Needless to say, the paper must be type-written and in English.

Exam: There will be a written exam at the end of the semester. The students will have to identify and comment on historical/cultural texts as well as answer short questions dealing with the issues discussed in class.
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