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This OCW course will focus only on ad-hoc simultaneous interpreting at Social Fora. It is aimed both at students of Interpreting and other possible ad-hoc interpreters at Social Forum-related events, in the spirit of free knowledge available to all, a spirit defended by advocates of the Open Learning Model.

We will treat the other sections in the general Programme (EU, UN, etc.) during our assigned class time in the lab (see the programme for the subject of 'Técnicas de interpretación Simultánea ingles-español B-A'), and via the Google distribution list created for Group 3, with the exception of a few external links on other subject areas.

In the next few weeks I will try to guide you via Moodle through the acquisition of simple habits, beginners' knowledge and a few very basic exercises that will improve your core interpreting skills in the specialised environment of ad-hoc Social Forum simultaneous interpreting.

Please bear in mind that this is not a distance interpreting course. My advice during the next few weeks is meant solely for ad-hoc volunteer interpreters at Social Forums and will only give you very basic notions for future development of your interpreting skills. It is up to you to work hard at home and to come to every class if you want to improve in the following months to reach an acceptable level before the exam!
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